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Terms & Conditions

1 - General Conditions

These conditions determine the rules and terms of use of the site and warn the user of the limitations and risks inherent. Use of the site implies by the user the tacit acceptance of these rules and terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use the site.

Access to and use of the same, as well as products and services are subject to the following conditions:

  • This site is for the exclusive use of aesthetics professionals, so the access keywords are non-transferable. We also refer that the access the same is of temporary character, allowing us the right to withdraw the partial or total access at any time.
  • We reserve the right to make appropriate changes to the site, implying regular user visits in order to stay up to date with the present page content.
  • We are not responsible if for any reason this website is unavailable at a given time.
  • Ordering products should be made by users aged over 18 years (individuals under the age must have consent of their representatives) as well as the veracity of the data provided. 
  • The elements and user information transmitted shall enjoy full legal effect, recognizing the user the electronic purchases and can not claim lack of signature for breach of obligations assumed.

2 - Intellectual Property and Content

All intellectual property rights of software and content available through this website are property of Bella Venturi and are licensed and protected by law. All these rights are reserved to Bella Venturi. You can save, print or presenting the contents of this site only for your personal use.

Bella Venturi is committed to not provide this information to third parties without your permission, except as necessary to process your form, fulfill your requests or manage users interactive programs. You also hereby grant to Bella Venturi the right to exchange any information provided by you between companies that maintain agreements with Bella Venturi, for the purposes mentioned above.

It is not allowed the publication, manipulation, distribution or reproduction in any format, any content of this site, or connecting it to any business or company.

3 - Shipping & Delivery

Bella Venturi sends orders to all its partners in mainland Portugal and islands. The delivery deadline for continental Portugal is 48 hours and the islands of 7 days. Carriers with whom we have protocols perform deliveries Monday through Friday, between 8 and 18 hours at the address you want.

Delivery times are indicative and therefore are considered valid when there is no physical or structural impediments (for example: incorrect addresses, delays on charges or setbacks of force majeure).

Carriers do not make deliveries on holidays and weekends and you can not choose a specific delivery time.

When your order is shipped, and if we have granted your email, you will receive a code so you can track your order on the carrier we use site. If you have difficulty locating your order, please contact Customer Support.

Minimum order and delivery values:
If the customer makes a purchase lower to 100.00€, the shipping cost is 10.00€. Above 100.00€ the shipping cost is borne entirely by Bella Venturi. All figures presented are still subject to the VAT rate.

Difficulty in performing delivery:
If the carrier can not deliver your order, it will make an attempt the next day or will contact you to schedule a new delivery.

Forwarding returned orders:
When an order is returned to Bella Venturi by costumer responsibility and this want the return of the same, or sending a new, payment of a fee of 5.00€ + VAT is necessary for us to process the new order. This fee must be paid by bank transfer and proof of payment sent to our Customer Support service along with the returned order number and the name of the first account holder from which the bank transfer was made.

The relevant data needed to make the transfer are:
Bank: Millennium BCP
Holder: Chromatic Success, Lda
NIB: 0033 0000 45471436416 05
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4547 1436 4160 5

4 - Payment Methods

Bella Venturi puts at your disposal the following payment methods: Credit Card (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro), Paypal and ATM.

Please access the site www.paypal.com for more information about Paypal payments.

The payment made by bank transfer through the network of ATMs or your home banking takes about 1-2 business days to enter our account.

The shipping of the order will be made only after we confirm the reception of your payment.

5 - Cancellation, Returns and Exchanges

All Bella Venturi products have 1 year warranty, any claim that is not of warranty grounds must be carried out within a maximum period of 15 days.

Bella Venturi only accepts the return of new products, that are complete and in the original packaging of the order. Damaged packaging and products, modified or strikethrough will not be accepted, nor will be made any repayment of the same that are in the conditions cited above.

If you decline and want to recover the item, the customer should bear the shipping costs. To exercise your right to return, please contact our Customer Support with the reference number you want to return and the reasons. The customer service is available Monday to Friday, from 09h00 to 19h00.

Once an order has been made, the only way to cancel it is by customer support and should be done as soon as possible, because once it has already left our warehouse, the order can not be canceled.

Returns of orders / products:
Bella Venturi can choose how to carry out the pickup of the product by the carrier or by the commercial manager, is the customer's obligation to keep the product in perfect condition until it is collected.

The pickups are free if the reason for the return is the responsibility of Bella Venturi.

If the reason for return is submitted by the customer, the cost of pickup will be deducted from the refund amount corresponding to 10.00€.

Stock rupture:
Bella Venturi will contact the customer to inform you that you can exchange the product with a similar one in stock rupture situations. If the customer does not accept this, a customer credit note will be made and will be made a transfer with the value to the bank account designated by the customer.

6 - Product Information

The information provided on our website meets a correct presentation regarding the value of the products. However, we reserve the right to refuse orders in which information of the products was incorrectly published, including prices and promotions.

Refusal of orders may be related to other reasons, which relate to the discontinuation of a product, the inability to access the payment authorization or the possibility of fraudulent orders.

We warn your attention to be aware that we are not responsible for any loss you may suffer if a third get unauthorized access to any data you have provided.

Bella Venturi can change prices without notice.

7 - Product warranty

The products have a warranty period within 12 months starting from the date of purchase in cases where it is shown legitimate and can be exercised upon presentation of the guarantee certificate and / or duly completed proof of purchase.

Are considered outside of the warranty conditions the products that have passed the period specified by Bella Venturi or have defects caused by accident, improper handling of the products, carelessness, or other change that surpasses Bella Venturi.

When the costumer good repair, proves legitimacy, Bella Venturi will respond to this situation by exchanging the product with a new one or one with similar characteristics that fits the intended, as long as agreed with the costumer.

All situations that are detected as fraud attempts, after the inspection of the received product, you will be informed about the progress of your request.